Posted by: madamm | May 11, 2007

NOT working

For the past year I’ve been working on a thesis, only to hear (at the end of it all) that I need to revise it. After I dealt with that blow, I hear my supervisor is leaving SA and that he will be replaced with someone else.

Yesterday I met up with “the someone else” and my old supervisor, only to hear that my research questions don’t make sense to the former. It is May2007. I’ve been doing this since February 2006. The thought that I need to go and rethink a fundamental element of my thesis- that is, the research question- is to say the least,going to send me over the edge.
So I wonder if I can ask for a different supervisor, because this is NOT working for me.



  1. Do not settle for that Mrs M. It’s the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. Is it your thesis? Yes. Was it passed before by your previous supervisor? Yes. Do you have time to redo the thesis, because that is, essentially, what you’d need to do? No. Is it your ideas he wants to implement? No.
    Don’t stand for that shit.

  2. I most absolutely will not!!!!!!!!!!!

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