Posted by: madamm | May 10, 2007

Oh and…

C has been approached by a newspaper. To write for their science and technology section! *excited squeal* According to his very nonchalant-oh-by-the-way-email (why are men like that?!) the job entails writing articles about the latest development in the biotechnology industry (C works for one of the biggest pharma fims in NC) and quite a bit of travel. “What’s weird,” he says “is that they approached me…” And then he goes on to talk about the visa paperwork.
I, of course could not contain my excitement (I can see it now, he and I working side by side in the newspaper office!) and immediately texted him ( I know he’s asleep at the moment) followed by a circus of an e-mail with lots of exclamation marks and capital letters. I know he probably won’t take them up on the offer- well that’s what he said in the e-mail anyway, but what a fab thing. Just the boost my husband needed what with us being so far apart and all.

I haven’t heard anything from the immigration officers again. They did tell us it would take 60 to 180 days, so unlike some people (re the fools who call me one day after they sent me a complaint) I will wait patiently. But one of these fine days I’ll be packing it all up. Maybe I won’t even say anything until the day before.



  1. Wonderful! Oh, and don’t even think about not saying anything until the day before the time…we will cyberhunt you down MrsM…

  2. hehehe…I hope not!

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