Posted by: madamm | May 9, 2007

Emphatic Empathy

President George Bush welcomed the Queen to the White House with a faux pas in his speech. He made a mistake with the years and almost said that she had witnessed American independence since 1776, instead of 1976.
But what caused even more outrage was when Bush winked at the Queen good-naturedly, trying to make up for his little foot-in-mouth-moment about her age. Like totally “not in any ethics books,”said the Daily Mail.

George Bush is not the most admired fool person on the planet. We know that. But I’m sorry, everyone is allowed to make a mistake now and then. Queen or not. I don’t give a damn. The Royal family fart. They burp. And they have affairs, get divorced and drink their nights away at night clubs just like the rest of us mere mortals. So just because Bush is renowned for making irritating mistakes when speaking to large audiences, does not mean he doesn’t deserve a pardon every now and then ( I mean for these, not for wars and stuff). Apparrently the queen gave him a disapproving look. Puhleeze, she’s been handing out those since Charles and Diana got married. And then when Andrew and Fergie’s boat hit stormy waters. Let it be known (for the record) that I do not give a fackpaste about the queen of England. There are tons more interesting (and richer) people in the world and its no wonder the immature brats who have ever so slight relations with the house of Windsor snigger at hardworking women like Carol Middleton for being an airhostess. The snobishness of it all!

Another underdog I have an overwhelming amount of pity for is Dina Rodrigues. I can’t help myself. I just really feel sorry for her and her family. Almost more than I do the Nortons. And that’s saying a lot. And then I have another bone to pick. Specifically with the media. Why is nobody talking to the men who actually carried out the murder’s family or friends? Why is no-one finding out if they were loving children, or good students? Am I sensing a stereotype going on here? Or am I just imagining things. Because as I sit here, I can’t even tell you all their names. It just wasn’t that big a deal in the papers enough for me to take note. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe not.



  1. I think a combination of their names being long, awkward and difficult to pronounce is why we can’t easily read it off the top of our heads. Then there’s the fact that a young, sexy, rich girl creates more media interest than four poor unknown black men, no? It’s definitely bias but across the world this has been the way it is for ages. Newspapers sell better when there’s a tragic (?) but beautiful figure on the front page. And of course, she was the mind behind it all so therefore more newsworthy? But I agree, there shoulda been more about those men…

  2. Well, I guess you have a point…but it’s like its a novelty also that it was a white woman and the rest…well, the rest is just details

  3. I think it’s a shame that the media is simply ignoring those poor kids. I really feel so sorry for them. If you had nothing, and I mean nothing, what would you do for R10 000? I really feel opposed to finding all of them guilty of murder.

    And I think a lot more should be asked (and written) about the boyfriend. Surely he had some role to play in this whole saga?

  4. I think the one who did it, should get life. Dina should get a max of 30 years. And the rest can 15 years (if it’s their first offence). And A lot more should be said about Neil Wilson- he’s the one the jealousy was about! And Natasha Norton couldn’t wait to have another baby out of wedlock to fill the void, and I am going to say that I think less of her for that very reason.

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