Posted by: madamm | May 8, 2007


yeah…uh huh…no I just worked out, yeah…my instructor is great…*faint smile through bangs*

Asseblief, Janet Jackson is on that b*s. She worked out and ate fish after she picked up like 20kg’s for a movie that she never made. Are you kidding me? Her idea of a workout was shootin’ hoops for a while and walking as if you’re measuring the one side of a hockey field.
And the boob-incident last year…we’ll never know if it was planned or not, but you know she was mad at JT for exposing her nipple like that. Look, I am one of the most gullible people I know, but even I saw through the faint hoarse whispers.



  1. Uh oh, you’ve been OD’ing on O, haven’t you MrsM? *giggle* But I seriously don’t get the hair in the eye thing either. But the voice freaks me out like you can’t believe. I keep on hearing Michael and wondering about this poor little boys…Eeuw.

  2. i KNOW! Her voice is so weird, like it’s a Jackson thing…yes I’ve been watching Oprah(EEK!)

  3. How do you think they do it? Practice? Cos last time I checked it’s only pimply white boys who talk like that.

  4. yeah and high school choir conductors

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