Posted by: madamm | May 8, 2007

Chinese Tuesday

A fat load of good my specially chosen Chinese fortune cookie did me today. Firstly, I will always be surrounded by people who love me. That’s what it says. Like, duh. And on the back of this R3-my-day-sucks-rhino-balls-let-me-get-a-fortune-cookie, are six “lucky”numbers. Earth to CHINA in SA, we don’t have a LOTTO!
I was reading the J-Meister’s blog about her French beau coming to see her soon. I read it just after C wrote me an extremely melancholy e-mail. And I thought about the unfairness of our whole situation. There’s been a whole lot of sympathy already, but we go through bouts of being alright and coping and then for the next while, an intense amount of frustration. Up and down like that. It doesn’t help that C’s extremely busy analysis dept. always has him on call, paging him over weekends, etc. And he’ll feel like he’s letting them down if he doesn’t go in. My poor husband, I just want to fly there straight away and comfort him. Don’t get me wrong, Alexander Graham Bell was a genius, but I don’t think he and Watson were tight like C and I am.
Also, I have been invited to my high school’s musical again. Tonight. This will be the 7th time that they’ve invited me. I thought you become a has-been after at least two years. But nooo….all that farting around in class payed off. They’re going to invite me until I am able to serve on the PTA or the Governing Body. The speech faux pas last year didn’t seem to deter them either. My hare is kla geblow I might as well show up now. At least it’s called the best of the 80’s, so there’s bound to be something to enjoy.

My body hurts so much from the give Lion’s Head expedition. I walk around like a frog with a broom up the backside. Also I’m pms’ing which does not help current affairs,  But that is the story of my damn life. No use complaining about it. Well, it’s time for me to go…all that Chinese with R5 chopsticks. Let me go disturb someone else’s minute of meditation.



  1. what was the speech faux pas? baie nuuskierig.

  2. uhm, I was a guest speaker and said that I would never pass up the opportunity to hear myself speak

  3. People probably think it was part of the speech – a light moment, so to speak.

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