Posted by: madamm | May 7, 2007

Out to pump some more meaningless drivel

Dear Mr David Bullard,

Your column Name and Shame offensive bloggers in the Sunday Times (6 May 2007) refers. I read your piece with both interest and a growing amount of irritation. Like you, I too played air guitar in my varsity years because I couldn’t quite crack the real thing, and like you, I have since given up because according to me, there is nothing worse than a wannabe on the dance floor.
Speaking of wannabe’s, mr Bullard, I couldn’t help but think that the shortcomings of your Beamer-test-driving-journalistic abilities are beginning to show in your article about exactly that.

Firstly, I doubt that all bloggers out there yearn to imitate yourself and your colleague mr Khumalo. With all due respect sir, I must point out that the point of a blog is usually to write about whatever interests the blogger and not necessarily the driving and or general newspaper reading public. There are in fact several studies that show that many bloggers are not concerned with such ethical precepts as accuracy and objectivity. (I can send you some more if you wish)They actually don’t think of themselves as B-grade Bullards at all sir.

Furthermore, I wish to ask how you would categorise people like myself who actually stood a hope in hell and got a great job in journalism (before I started my blog)? And some of my best friends (also journalists- what do you know?) read this blog, actually. Have you ever heard of a j-blogger, mr Bullard? I don’t suppose you have since certainly as a traditional journalist you might’ve mentioned this development in your very one-sided view of things, which incidentally, reminds me very much of the blog posts you claim to be the “meaningless drivel by some scrofulous nerd into cyberspace.”

I’m suprised you didn’t notice the similarities mr Bullard. Is that not what you do every Thursday afternoon? Write what you think? About anything? I thought so…
And you will know there are people out there who don’t give a damn what you think about the ANC or Herschelle Gibbs.
At least you’re right about one thing. There are no rigid journalistic guidelines or rules that bloggers out there adhere to. And so it remains up to the consumer to find and stick to blogs that interest them. The point is, that with the proliferation of the thousands of blogs, there appears to be a lot more variety out there than your column alone.Isn’t that a good, thing? Imagine if they were exposed to your drivel alone?

And don’t underestimate online audiences, sir. I suggest you go out to lunch and think deeply about that term narcissism.



  1. Ouch. I’m sure Dave is smarting at this. Perhaps you should mail this to him Mrs M so he can really take note that he’s not only the only one with a sharp tongue and even sharper mind.

  2. My dear Toby,
    I think Dave has had enough on his (out to lunch)plate all day, what with responding to similiar scathing attacks via YouTube. Who knew he’d actually respond to us lowly drivellers.

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