Posted by: madamm | May 3, 2007

the big wheels keep on turnin’

Have you ever worked so hard it felt like steam was billowing from your ears? No? Me either.

‘Cept for today. Today I was it. Furiously. Typing  shit. Calling people. Typing more shit. And trying to contain my fury. Imagine: “err..hello skatlam…dis er…Bruwer hier…”

Immediately I go into fem-fem mode. “SKATLAM?!” Wie de fok is jou skatlam? Is it still considered okay to call people bokkie and skatlam? People you don’t know? I resisted the urge to inform the balding Bruwer to go stroke a skatlam-willie, but I was livid man. It just added to the steam situation I was already in.

I know I should calm down and just get on with it, but I’m feeling really irate these days. Little things, man. Little things. I just want to take a break, but it’s just not happening. I push myself harder and harder and then I neglect other things.

I can’t even take a break in the loo. People come in there during my minute of meditation to take shits from hell. I can’t believe the audacity. Sigh.



  1. Someone called me “sweetheart” the other day, and when I got cross, he called me a “fembot.” Charming.

  2. hehehe. Fembot. janne!

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