Posted by: madamm | May 3, 2007

Freedom to Choose

World Press Freedom Day. I felt it should be noted. Noteworthy in other categories, 3 May comes to stand for my second month anniversary. C is trying hard to remember these, but puts emphasis on the annual anniversaries. “Doesn’t 20 years just sound better than 20 months?” he asked me last night as I wished him in South African (GMT) time. Whatever- I’m into the idea of remembering stuff like this, even if I don’t get any prezzies. C is intent on getting me paper for our first wedding anniversary. The Croxley-with-lines kind. All because we went into a silverware store and I showed him that paper was what you get for your first anniversary. Away with fond ideas of papyrus to write lovely, lavender-smelling letters on- I’m getting a flowerless notepad. I might just get him some toiletpaper.


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