Posted by: madamm | April 27, 2007

Blog Warming

The blogosphere has fascinated me to the point where I am (still) writing a thesis on it. It fascinates me mainly because it’s this avenue of inexplicable possibilities and wanting to explore these, I felt rather compelled to be a part of it (I promise no researcher bias will take place).

Regardless. I’ve been blogging since the beginning of 2007. My first blog was about the absolute madness that was the preparation of my wedding in March. Read all about it at my first home. Since I’ve been writing about issues that concern me, issues long past (like my nauseating umbrella) and issues to come. As a journalist, you will begin to understand, there will always be issues. But apart from that, my husband is more than 12 000km’s away from me and that makes for an incredibly taxing situation.

And then there’s just life. People like Mumsy,daddy the J-Meister, Charlie, Beanie (my sister), Ally and the Taiwanese vermin.I feel comfortable in my new home already just knowing they’re all there.


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